• Jodhpur Caterers, Pune

  • Jodhpur Caterers

  • Jodhpur Caterers, Pune

  • Jodhpur Caterers

  • Jodhpur Caterers

Any event, one name to trust. Be it a wedding or a birthday party, Jodhpur Caterers is the name to trust for pure vegetarian catering services. The state-of-the-art infrastructure at Jodhpur Caterers is equipped with latest technology and innovations and adheres to our stringent quality policy. Our unique menu comprises of high quality food selections. We have the capacity to cater to 4,000 people per day. We have expertise to cater for the following events:


At a wedding, utmost importance should be given to the kind of food you serve your guests. A wedding is the binding of two hearts. Preparation for a life to be spent together. An Indian wedding not just binds the Bride and the groom, but two families, in a union which lasts forever!


The highlight of every party or social gathering is elegantly presented and delicious food. Atmosfire is a unique new concept that helps you organise unforgettable barbecue parties with just a call. Great live barbecue grills, set in a theme of your choice.


As a corporate company, if you are planning to give your guests and employees delicious food, We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive cafeteria management in pune, that includes everything, from food preparation and service to housekeeping and facility management.


Access to some of pune most sought after locations.


Exceptional blend of passion and culinary expertise.


Helping to impact change and forge a greener future.


Our pursuit of innovation and excellence.